Black screen when installing SSD

Ok a few weeks ago I had to rebuild my computer and after doing so I wasn't able to boot windows 10. I have a recovery USB from CyberPower which did not work for the SSD and I have tried this multiple times, i was able to use it to reinstall windows on another HDD but my problem now is the SSD not working at all.

When i try to boot with this faulty SSD and another SSD+HDD in i get a few different outcomes
1. it will say ''preparing automatic repair'' and sit on this loading screen permanently
2. it'll show the loading circle (the white dotted one below windows logo) and then the screen goes black
3. it loads to the safe mode screen where you can select to repair/restart/command prompt etc but it doesnt show the options. When I boot ONLY the faulty SSD i either get the small dotted load circle and then a black screen after a few minutes or else it will give me the safe mode screen but doesn't show anything on screen so i think it freezes at this part.

I tried inserting the SSD when the computer was on so I could format it but as soon as I interact with it I get a black screen but i can still alt-tab programmes on screen that were opened and access task manager.

Apologies if I haven't provided any important info to help with this

SSD's are both Kingston SSDNow UV400 240GB 2.5inch SATAIII SSD
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