Sound card 5.1 to 7.1 optical out

Hey guys I have a dell t7400 workstation and I’m hunting down a good sound card for it
I have plenty of spare pci x slots that I can install pci cards into

I just need a sound card that can supply me with 5.1 and 7.1 optical audio (should I ever upgrade my surround sound DVD player from 5.1), is a pci slot and have a audio and mic jack so I can use my turtle beach headset with microphone

I’m not after spending too much just a list of good cards I can look at and decide on

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  1. Optical is limited to three audio formats:

    -) 2.0 PCM
    -) 5.1 Dolby Digital
    -) 5.1 DTS

    Most PC audio is not in Dolby/DTS formats, and you'll need a soundcard that supports realtime encoding to one of the two (Dolby Digital Live or DTS-Connect).

    Also, when using optical you aren't using your soundcards DAC; if all you want is optical output you may as well just purchase a cheap USB to Optical cable rather then a dedicated soundcard.

    There is no way to get 7.1 out of optical.
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  2. gamerk316 said:

    7.1 isn’t that important anyway would require a lot of wiring in my room

    It’s to get my turtle beach to work on my pc as my current jacks do not work

    Which of them you suggested would give me surround sound?
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