Upgrading a gaming pc what should I do?

Hey there everyone. I have a system that I am thinking of upgrading. I'm not entirely sure where I should start or if I should even do so. I really want to do a custom water system along with getting a better full tower case. But is this worth doing for a 2nd gen i7 build.

My system is as follows.
CPU- i7-2700k (stock not overclocked)
GPU- EVGA geforce gtx 980 FTW I sealed this for a GTX 1060 ssc
RAM- 4x4g Gskill ripjaws
PSU- Corsair RM850
SSD- 120g kingston
HDD- 500g WD Blue
Case- Silverstone PS06 ATX
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    Nothing you can really upgrade there without replacing the whole computer and there is nothing really that needs replacing on it's own aside from maybe getting a larger solid state drive. Your CPU is probably the most out-dated but even that is OK for most games at high settings.
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