Need Help With PCI-e slots.

Hi guys,
I’m pretty new here and just recently got someone at a shop to upgrade my existing computer and just put a good graphics card in it. I currently can’t use ethernet so i had to go with wifi, i wasn using a little usb adapter but that wasn’t suitable for what i needed so i bought a wireless card off amazon. It arrived today and i’ve researched a lot about how to install the card, it come across fairly easy so i opened up the case and found that my motherboard setup looked a lot different from the tutorial, i’m pretty much just dumb but here are some pictures. If someone can help me and know if i can install it in my computer please do or maybe i need a new motherboard. Cheers

The pictures:
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  1. So as you can see, the port you need is blocked by your graphics card.
    Youll need a riser, like this:, and mount it lower in the case.
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  2. Sorry i downvoted your answer thought that was the reply button, lol. If i buy the riser how would i be able to mount it/how does it work. Sorry for wasting time
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  3. The riser is just a flexible cable, basically you plug it into the slot you need, and plug your wifi card into the other side.
    Then you break out the back cover on the case in the slot you want, screw the wifi card in, and should be good to go.
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  4. Ok i think sort of understand i drew up a rough sketch but my only concern is can the slot be he one off the motherboard
    the sketch:
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  5. It would be hanging off the motherboard, but as long as its installed stably (screwed into the case, maybe supported by something non conductive), it should be okay.
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  6. So with the riser you linked before will i get like a 3 part set or just a cable, having trouble finding somewhere online that explains how to do it.
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  7. Something like this should work.

    Plug it into the board, plug the card into the other end. Find a way to make it stable.

    What board and card do you have?
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  8. I have a asus h110m-e as the board and a gtx 1060 6gb dual as the gpu.
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    Might need to find a right angle connector like above, the cheapest 7$ connectors seem to be straights and they might hit the bottom of the case.

    put the small connector into the slot below the gpu, then put the wifi card into the other end, then place the wifi in the 4th slot on the case with a screw to hold it in.

    they modded a card and inverted it, but the install is similar.
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