Xbox 360 controller stops working after 5-10 minutes all of a sudden(Win 10)

I have gone through several threads of the same issue almost all of which had the same solution which was to uninstall controller driver,restart PC and reinstall again. Ive also tried updating the driver by "Picking from a list" and using another option but that does not work for me as well. I have tried disabling other HID drivers one by one seeing if any of them was causing this issue but that also does not work. Ive also tried using another USB port, did not work.

Ive never had such an issue before and have many many hours of use on the controller. The controller still lights up and still detected on the PC but nothing on the controller responds when i go to check in control panel configuration. Ive also tried to find a new driver online from Microsoft's website but only supports software and drivers up to Windows 7. I am on Windows 10.

Any new ideas?
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