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I have a fan controller which tells me how hot it is inside my case (°c), and it allows me to adjust the temperature by changing the fan speed. I can also set it up so it alerts me when my PC reaches a certain temperature, but what sort of temperature should my PC be running at in the first place (while gaming)? And what is the max I should let it run at? Thanks
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  1. You case temps dont really matter, its not a real indication of how hot your GPU/CPU/other major components are, the things that matter.
    Set the fans to the highest speed you can that dosent bother you.
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  2. it matters.
    if ur gpu/cpu working on a hot area its gonna affect their performance..
    so u should make it less than 30c° idle
    35° full load.
    mine shows 27 now and this is a good temp.(idle)
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  3. Temperature where the fan controller is has nothing little to do with the temperature where the CPU is, or what the CPU is actually reporting.
    You can't pick a specific number for the temp inside the case and call it good.

    Monitor the temp your fan controller is telling you vs what the CPU is telling you.
    Adjust the fan controller up or down and see what happens.
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  4. man
    man idont use any fan controler this device came with my case and the notice on it tells u to put it on the motherboard heatsink(any of them) so it can monitor the temp inside the case so when my temps were +45 b4 i fit 5 casefans the gpu barely ran the game and it stops sometime.
    so the temps inside the case affects the prform and thats it.
    (im just talking in my view of the point ur free to ignore it)
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