not given proper overclock options in xtreme gaming engine

I have a g1 rx480 by gigabyte and it is labeled as 'oc edition,' yet when i go into the Xtreme gaming engine software, which is meant for overclocking, it is missing the proper overclocking tools. I know they are present in the software as i have seen other people had access to these options. Is there a reason these are hidden from me, or is it some setting i missed?

what i see:

what others see:

my graphics card:
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    They see more options probably because they have a new Xtreme edition card, yours is not Xtreme edition. You can still overclock with the slider to the left.


    Just noticed that your card should be supported as well so not sure why you miss some of the options. However on the Gigabyte page scroll down to the picture of the Xtreme software and it says..

    "(*The interface and functionality of the software is subject to each model.)"
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