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Hi everyone,

I've got a very simple question: what do you think of this motherboard: ? Is it good?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Yes, it is a good board at that price point. You can also consider the MSI B350 Tomahawk around that price...,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID= (sale ends in 8hrs)

    Here is a gist of differences... (note that the Asus board has not been tested in this comparison and hence missing some data)

    With boards around this price point, do not expect massive overclocking
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  2. I'm buying a Ryzen 5 1600. There's not much of OC to be done with that CPU. Where I live the Tomahawk is a little too pricey, so I think i'm going with the Asus. I just wanted to make sure it's a good board. Do you think it's good to support a Ryzen 5 1600 and a GTX 1070? Thanks for your help.
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    Yes, it should be fine. You can get it.
    But the 1600 has great OC potential even with the stock cooler.
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  4. Okay. Thank you very much.
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