Video crushes with blue or pink vertical lines on Toshiba satellite with Radeon 7600


I have a problem with my laptot video.
Model Toshiba C855-1a4, running windows 8, with Radeon 7610.
The laptot starts without problems. Arfer a while (5 minutes or 3 hours, and inmediately if I run the Windows Experience Index score), the screen starts to blink, with a static like image, and finally turns into black or completely blue or pink with small thin vertical lines (not a windows error page). In two opportunities, image came back to normal after the crash; but usually I have to turn off the laptot using the power button. Then, usually I have to wait some minutes to turn it back on; if I do it inmediately it doesn't work, maybe I can see the toshiba logo and nothing else after that, or even the logo is grid with thin lines, or it's all black with no logo.

The cooler is clean and working fine.
I don't know if the thermal paste above CPU and GPU is enough, but it's still there (I don't know how much is enough). I touched both processing units inmediately after the crash and turning off the laptot, and they were warm, not even hot. Also, a temperature monitor program didn't show any high temperatures in the moment of the image crash.
It also crashes when working with another monitor.
I didn't updated drivers, and windows update is not on automatic. It's running amd driver version
When I run the Windows Experience Index score tool, it crushes when checking video.
In windows event, only a few times and in the last days of this problem, it registered "Video hardware error. Live kernell event. BCCode 141"
Although hardware monitor didn't show any increase of temperature during crash, I found out this event:
"Thermal zone ACPI \_TZ.THRM. has been enumerated.
_PSV = 375K
_TC1 = 2
_TC2 = 10
_TSP = 10000ms
_AC0 = 0K
_AC1 = 0K
_AC2 = 0K
_AC3 = 0K
_AC4 = 0K
_AC5 = 0K
_AC6 = 0K
_AC7 = 0K
_AC8 = 0K
_AC9 = 0K
_CRT = 398K
_HOT = 0K

Event Id 125"
But I found out that this Event 125 has been recorded many times in the last 3 years.

Do you think is a motherboard problem? A software problem? (The hd may not be working 100% ok, I found errors on the event list.) A GPU problem? Any ideas? How can I fix it?
Please help. Thank you!

The screen crash usually looks like this one:
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  1. Did you actually replace the thermal paste or just looked at it? Replace it, after cleaning the old stuff off and make sure your fans are running OK. You can measure temps with HWMonitor to see how hot things get. If temps stay the same, there could be an issue with the hardware. If you want to rule out a software issue, do a clean Windows setup and install the drivers from Toshiba's support site.
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  2. Hi! Thanks for your reply.
    Actually, I have replaced the thermal paste last night. The cooler yes, I did clean it and test it the very first day.
    I spent the rest of the night doing back up of everything so I can try messing with the drivers, and eventually do a complete clean install as you suggested.
    If eventually that doesn't help, I guess I can say goodbye to this notebook. But I still have hope. Somehow in the last few days, with all the things I've been trying, it works better. It doesn't turn off immediately (I've been doing back up for hours).
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