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Ok so i just built my pc: Gigabyte itx motherboard (h270), i5 7600k, gtx 1070, 8 gb ballistix sport ram, 1 tb hdd and 250 gb ssd.
Ok so sometime when i say sometimes i'm thinking about 40% of the time when i boot up i have to enter my bios to get a signal to my monitor and after i do that i just save and exit and it boots windows perfectly. My computer works fine all the other time this is just really annoying.
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  1. Make sure the boot device is connected to the 1st SATA port.

    Also may try disconnect the 1TB HDD, and boot the PC, because if the HDD has problem, it will cause the boot problem too.

    One more thing, make sure you set the XMP profile for the memory inthe BIOS too.
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  2. Try disabling fast boot options. This changes hardware initialition and handshaking to more of a "make sure i'm working then proceed to next step" from "get it working while booting".
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  3. ok i will try those things and will reply later. Again though this only happens sometimes so it might take a day or so before it happens again
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