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I have the corsair h60 water cooler and an ASUS X99-A mother board with a NZXT S340 case. The h60 has 1 cable for the fan next to the radiator, 1 cable for the radiator, and 1 coming from the water block. I'm a little confused as to where each on goes to. I was thinking of having the water block cable go to the CPU fan and have the radiator's fan go through the back to a preplaced connector. However, I'm not sure where the radiator's cable would go. Would it be placed in a chasis fan header? Thanks.
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  1. The H60 doesn't have a radiator cable on either of my H60s. What electrical device is on your radiator that would need a cable???
    The pump cable should connect to any fan header that can be set to run at full speed all the time. The radiator fan cable should connect to the CPU FAN header. Think of the rad fan as like the heatsync fan that used to go there.
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