an optiplex 745 SMALL FORM FACTOR is looking for video card


As the title say, it is a small form factor form with a DC Power Supply - Wattage : 275w

Knowing I won't change the power supply, i must find a compatible card.. (low profile)
I was looking for the MSI GT 710 but it look to require a 300w power supply...

Help! :)
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  1. If this is what the inside of your PC looks like, the gxf card needs to be low-profile and true single-slot (due to the location of the PCIe x16 slot).
    The GT 710 is fine if it meets those requirements, but if this is for gaming, don't waste your money.

    One of these GT 1030 cards would be a much much faster card for gaming at reduced settings.
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  2. Thanks for your time Clutchc,

    This is indeed the same motherboard, it need to be Low Profile and single-slot like you said.
    Question : Using the gt 710 requiring 300w with a 275w power supply isn't a problem?

    some infos about the computer:
    intel core 4300 @1.80ghz
    windows 7 32 bits
    4go ram

    Also, it is for retro gaming, the 710 should be good enough for me (and my wallet)
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  3. Not a problem. The GT 710 is only a 30W card. So is the GT 1030. But at least with the GT 1030, you'll be able to game. The GT 710 isn't a whole lot better than the integrated graphics.
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  4. I agree with the GT 1030. It is the best GPU you can get with that because that motherboard's PCIe x16 slot is power limited to <50w.
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  5. Ok, I'll give another thought about the graphic card so.
    About the cpu, upgrading the 4300 to a E8400 will make good difference too?
    There is the Q8300, which is looking good too, but 95w

    Hum, What can I expect with one of these new cpu + the GT1030 + 4 go ram
    or just with the new cpu + integrated graphic card

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    Go to the Dell support website for your PC. Key in your Service Tag. You will be able to find what upgrades are recognized for that PC and if any newer BIOS is required.
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  7. The 745 is a 65nm 1066fsb machine. Because it has roots in the Pentium 4 PentiumD era it can run high powered CPUs. X6800 2.93GHz is the fastest base clocked 2 core you can get for that. E6700 2.66GHz. is next.
    Don't worry about that PSU. It has 2x 17A. 12V. rails. The up to 130W CPU runs off of 1 of them. The other powers everything else.

    Other options are the Q6700 2.66 GHz quad, QX6700 unlocked ( not recommended), QX6800 SLACP unlocked 2.93GHz quad. JP911 is the SFF heatpipe cooler. The 6800s are good just at base clock.
    Definitlely get the BIOS updated. 8GB DDR2 800 is the maximum memory.
    Dell won't tell you it runs Core2Extremes. Dell only discusses parts they sold with that computer. They would rather sell you a new one than upgrade that.
    The MB has a 25W limit stenciled on it by the PCIe 16x slot. Others have run GTX750Ti in it for years. It's up to you. But the 1030 is pretty close to the 750 in performance. With a 2 core ,and GT1030 you will be nowhere near what that PSU can handle. With a 130W Quad, and 75W GPU you still wouldn't have any problems.
    I would get a 2GB GPU. Also you didn't say if you were running 32bit OS it makes a big difference in a couple of areas.
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  8. Ah you did say 32 bit in your 2nd post. And 4 GB RAM. Forget the 4GB rule and go to 6GB RAM. The modern 2GB GPU will use some of it. The OS will still have 4GB available.
    Dell support won't tell you this but in Dell Forums I found this. Notice the official support for 3.6GHz Pentium D 130W CPU. The good coolers JP911 were only used with P4 3.4GHz and up. The guy with the fan problem didn't have it. ( the last post is total BS) E6700 is 65nm.
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