ASUS Z270E Black Screen and GPU Fan 100% after 30 Mins into game 1080ti 7700k

So I played all 13 Hours of Rise of Tomb Raider with no issues, then I went over to Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. 8 Hours into it My Screens When Black and my GPU Fans Ramped up to 100%, I could still hear the Game through the speakers so I knew it was still running. So I pushed my Power Button and it did a normal Shutdown. I hit the button again and I got a black screen with a white bar across it like an artifact but it still loaded into windows but my screen was still black.

I originally thought it was my GPU but I swaped my 1080ti with my wifes 980ti and it did the same thing so that leaves me with MOBO or PSU. Any ideas? I know its not windows because I searched the event log and nothing was out of place. Also the fact that windows loaded and the game still playing in the background indicates that it still was functioning correctly.

I did some google searching but I wasnt clear on any answers. I think its either my PSU, MOBO or my 7700k

I bought all components in this system back in middle of May. Nothing is overclocked so I know its not a stability issue

System Specs:
STRIX 1080ti
STRIX z270e
Vengence 3000 32GB 8*4
Corsair 750HXi
LG 4k Monitor

Here is the link to the PC Part Picker for my setup:PcPartPicker
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  1. Remove PCIE videocard.
    Start mobo with integral videocard.
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  2. @Ramirez I did do that but I'm still having the issue with the black screen and the fans maxing out. It will eventually boot back up into Windows using either the gfx card or the onboard video. But the moment I open tomb raider benchmark it happens all over again
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  3. If you have an overclock reset it.
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