Where can I find statistics about hard drives speeds?

I am looking for something like this (which I just made up):

But hopefully with more/better data.The case I am trying to make is that SSD's should be used on developer machines because they will pay for themselves in terms of developer salary alone, let alone the time they would free up to do actual work.
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  1. you wont find a data sheet looking like that unless it is self-created.

    though load times are predominantly hdd dependent, other smaller factors also bare on the outcome. RAM and cpu can hinder load of a program, the mobo itself may hinder load times (rare).

    eg ssd > ram > cpu = loaded, loaded > gpu > display = you are now viewing what you loaded. ofc ram and cpu impact results far far less than the hdd/ssd, but they can.

    start computer to windows log in: hdd = 26 seconds, ssd = 15 seconds
    first load into dalaran, World of Warcraft: hdd = 10 seconds, ssd 6 seconds

    and that will be different for someone elses computer.
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  2. Doesn't really exist. Every system is different.

    I am a developer.
    My home system is SSD only. 5 x drives. My work system is a traditional HDD.

    The difference is amazing. Of course, there are a LOT of other consideration and differences.
    But I would not build a main use (or developer) PC without an SSD.

    And it's not just 'opening' an application, but also saving data back to the drive.
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  3. ima take your pc usafret ! gimme those ssd's !
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