External Drive not shown in Disk Management

I tried to format my WD Elements but deleted it with the „delete“ option. Now, the drive doesn‘t show anywhere on the computer. How can I re-activate my external drive? Where can I find it?
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  1. Before we go too far, just to confirm, there is no data on the drive that you want/need recovered, right? If you can post a screenshot of disk management while the drive is connected, it will be helpful.
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  2. Correct, no data. The thing is, it doesn‘t matter if the drive is connected or not. It won‘t show up in disk management. So, a screenshot with the drive connected would look exactly the same as with no drive connected. And that‘s the problem!
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  3. The only reasons I can think of where the drive won't show in Disk Management are:

    1. bad cable
    2. bad drive
    3. bad computer
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