Overclocking palit gtx 1050 stormX

okay so i got my new pc running a few weeks back.
since i was on a budget, i got the following parts:
CPU: Ryzen 3 1200 (stock cooler, clocked at 3.5ghz)
GPU: Palit geforce GTX 1050 2Gb StormX
PSU: Kolink KL-500M modular power supply (80+ bronze)
motherboard: MSI B350 Gaming Pro
AVC 90mm fan from an 2yr old lenovo h50. (about 1000rpm)
2 usb 2.0 70mm fans (about 700rpm each)
case: customized default lenovo case (i made a window to it from glass and painted it black and red)

my question is: How high can i safely overclock the gtx 1050 without it overheating. i know it is safe when the temp is under 85c but i dont like pushing things to their absolute limits? it currently is at 1670mhz and at gaming (csgo, cities skylines, minecraft, Beamng) it is around 60-76c hot (according to thundermaster and afterburner)
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