Will an HDMI to VGA cord work in a graphics card

Sorry I'm still a noob at this. I'm planning to buy a GT 1030. but my monitor is vga only. will an hdmi to vga cable work while retaining the performance and display of the graphics card?? if not, can you please explain?
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  1. It needs to be an active adapter that can convert the digital signal of an HDMI output to the analog signal of a VGA input. These devices are 50/50 at best. You'd be better off getting a new display that can handle a digital signal (HDMI, DVI, Displayport) or getting a Geforce 9xx series card that still has a DVI-I (both analog and digital signals); something like a GTX 950. Should provide about the same performance as a GTX 1030.

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  2. I was thinking about buying a gtx 1050, but too expensive for me. a gt 1030 is much more budget friendly that can handle most modern games at a price of about $70.
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