Pc will turn on. Fans wont

Hi. Bought a new motherboard z270E gaming STRIX. When I turn it on. Everything goes except the fans. When I plug them directly into the psu they go fine. I assume I forgot to plug something in. Any guesses? Thanks
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    So If u connect the fans directly to the psu they spinn at max rpm I assume? U want the fans to be controlled by the motherboard pmw, are the fans pmw controllable? Does the bios see the fans?
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  2. Thank you for your response. Craziest thing I have ever heard or seen. My case killed my last Motherboard and wouldn't let this one start. Yes soon because I miss placed one of the standoffs and it was in the middle of the board. Been having problems for about a month now with a previous Motherboard I guess it was all the case the last thing I expected
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