Looking for a little help understanding monitors, quality 1080p - 1440p

Ok so I'm getting my first gaming pc in the next few months, i5-7600k and either an NVIDIA 1060 6gb or possibly a 1070 8gb, I don't plan to overclock or anything, and I'm looking through curved monitors at around 21-23 inches, what I know to look for is a low latency lag like 5ms and an hdmi 2.0 port and display port, I'm confused about contrast ratio and quality what do I need for that graphic card? Is 1080p what I should look for with that gpu / cpu? Or higher, and what contrast ratio, appreciate any help thanks
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  1. With a 1060, 1080P is the sweet spot. With the 1070, 1440. Unless you go with a higher refresh rate (144Hz).

    What should be considered if both your budget and preference in games. With that knowledge in hand, you can do better with your search.

    For me, I decided on getting a 25" LG IPS Ultrawide (2560X1080). It's not as tall as a standard widescreen, but you get extra peripheral vision in games, which I personally find more immersive. However, many people do not like this because they are used to standard widescreen. I use 2 monitors at work, so wider is normal for me. I'm running mine on a GTX 970 and most games clock in over 60FPS with little issue.

    Don't worry about contrast ratios etc... they all seem made up at this point. Read reviews and see what people say about image quality.
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  2. Perfect thank you! I'm not buying until December, hoping to pick up the monitor first on black Friday, so if I can get a decent 1440p monitor for a good deal I will go 1070 if not il stick with 1060, much appreciated :love:

    Also any opinions on curved screens? I will be playing all sorts of games rpg, fps, rts, everything except racing games
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  3. Also I forgot to ask should I look for a g sync monitor since I'm using an NVIDIA gpu?
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  4. At the size you're looking a curve won't have much effect, I think. I could be wrong. G-Sync is a good benefit for high frame rate or fast paced games, but the premium is huge for it. I'd rather get a 144Hz screen and let the GPU push as hard as the combination can go. OR...change it up and get a AMD Vega with a Freesync screen if you're not attached to NVidia. There's no real premium added to the price and you get some very respectable performance for the money.

    I'd recommend if you have the money at hand and the patience, keep an eye out. I've found amazing deals by waiting until I find a good price instead of buying just because. My screen only cost $130, and it's absolutely perfect for my needs. Find a few examples of good "equivalent" or "ideal" screens. Then search them up. Look for past posts on deal sites like slickdeals, etc... and find a good price you can reasonably expect. Once you see that price for the specs you want...jump on it.

    BTW... bonus for you for waiting a few months, get the new i5 8-series (Coffee Lake) CPU. 2 extra cores can be a nice perk for a little patience. Just skip the "k" model as you're not overclocking. Hopefully the H-series or B-series motherboards will be out by then for you as well.
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  5. Yes, keep in mind the K CPUs are overclocking CPUs and do not come with a CPU cooler either.
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