Motherboard dying or is it Windows 7

For the last month of so, the front USB ports on my homebrew don't seem to be working correctly. When I plug in a camera or external drive, it doesn't show up in WinExplorer. Last night I swapped in the new ADSL router/modem (yea, I know, what do you expect from the second worse telco ever to exist - Frontier Telecom) and the network doesn't show. After a half hour on the phone with Frontier tech, she discovered the idiots had set the default username and password incorrectly. My laptop see the network fine. I haven't checked my MacPro or other desktop yet.
In addition to the above, even tho' we're booting off a SSD, it takes close to two minutes before the system is usable, with close to a minute of a black screen between "Welcome to Windows" and seeing the desktop.
The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 is close to 9 years old. We're running Win7 Home.
Time to replace?
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  1. only way to find out is to do a clean fresh install of windows and then see if you still have same issues or not
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  2. Have to agree with nitinvaid20, clean install to rule out software.
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