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Hello everyone.
I wanted to ask few questions about HP compaq nc6400. It is very actually old compuiter and everything needs to be updated. It also have very old motherboard. I want to change it, because of its old and glucks. May I ask, if I can choose better motherboard? Like change it with newer and different laptop hardware. I realy need your help please. It looks like impossible mission for this pc, because u need to check size e.c. If everything is in right places e.c. But I also wanted to ask, If there is a way, if I can get motherboard, Can I use all details from compaq motherboard to brand new motherboard if it is possible?
I have windows XP OS as maximum OS on laptop and I have drivers for it, but I also want to get windows 7 and improve performance. If I can get new motherboard, I can mabye also get new drivers for it. The better motherbord, the better is everything...
Please I will wait back for answer.
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  1. Laptops are really so special design that it's a mission impossible to find a fitting motherboard that wasn't specifically designed for that model.
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  2. Oh... Thats is bad... :(
    Anything else to boost up on PC if you know?
    Well I know that motherboard will resolve all problems, but if there is something, I will be glad to talk with them.
    With boost up, i tought not to clear temp files or change some settings, but change sonething like CPU e.c. CPU is coming today, so no need to worry about it, because my PC is upgradable, but are there anything else, I can buy?
    About motherboards...
    What about motherboards, what I can fit in (somehow) like get motherboard who are a little bit smaller and it is almoust on point? Can I do it, or, it also cant help me to set up all things on it? If yes, I just need to check motherboard size and I also must to try check it on the internet. I have mobile PC, so need to get mobile motherboard, but if anything know anything else post below.
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  3. What about HP 6910p. It looks like that Motherboard is the same, like HP compaq nc6400
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  4. Laptops can, at best, be upgraded in two ways:
    1) More RAM.
    2) Replacing the HDD with an SSD.

    ... but since, as you state, your laptop is very old the best replacement is simply a brand new laptop!
    The cost of "upgrading" your old hardware by replacing individual parts will most likely be higher than the cost of buying a new computer with even better performance.
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