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I have this really serious issue with my 2TB Seagate External Hardisk . Ive been using it since a year ago .. but lately around this month my external hard disk isnt working properly . Sometimes when i do open certain folders, it took too much time just to open it, sometimes its hang . Whenever i can open the folder, the same unfortunate thing happened again .. i cant open the sub folder inside it ! I cant Right Click the file to check properties or move it or copy or whatsoever .. I CANT EVEN DELETE THE CORRUPTED FILES AND FOLDERS !! I seriously need somebody with good knowledge to help me with this . Thanks
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  1. Is this an portable external drive or a desktop external drive (separate power)? The odds are, the drive is failing. If you have valuable data on it, your safest option is to seek professional data recovery assistance before more damage is done. These drives degrade pretty fast and every time you power it on may be the last.

    If professional services are out of the question, your first objective should be to try and clone the drive with a program that is designed to handle read errors and work around the bad spots. My recommendation is to use GNU ddrescue (Guide to ddrescue). Once you have the drive cloned to a known good healthy hard drive, you can then start the file system recovery, if that is even necessary.

    A few things to note:

    1. power the failing drive on as little as possible
    2. do not try to "fix" or alter anything on the failing drive
    3. you should only ever read a sector from a failing drive once (thus why you should clone it)
    4. never run data recovery programs against a failing drive
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