How do i know if my m.2 SSD if connected through pcie or sata?

I have the msi z270 gaming pro carbon + samsung 960 evo m.2 ssd.
I cant determine if the m.2 slot is using sata or pcie, giving that it supports both. The bios is not clear about this issue and msi's support is kinda usless.

I Appreciate your help.
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  1. Well it should be in the BIOS somewhere look in your manual, my mobo has a toggle for PCIE mode and SATA mode in the BIOS as well as an option for it to use x2 or x4 pcie lanes.

    If you cant find it just run a benchmark like crystal disc mark or something. If your sequential reads and writes are capped at 600MB/s you are using SATA mode.
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  2. The reason im asking here is because i couldn't find that toggle.
    The manual did not mention it (you can look up the manual on google).
    Even if i ran the test and i found that its using sata, then how do i change it to pcle?
    If any one is familiar with msi bords your help is much appreciated.
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  3. Use SAMSUNG MAGICIAN to test the performance.

    I believe PCIe mode should be up to 3200MBps sustained READS, and 1800MBps sustained WRITES.
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  4. Samsung 960 EVO Series are PCIe NVMe.
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  5. Calvin7 said:
    Samsung 960 EVO Series are PCIe NVMe.

    Are these M.2 SSD's either SATA or PCIe?

    In other words to they just DEFAULT to SATA or PCIe once installed, or can you choose SATA or PCIe?

    I'm guessing it's PCIe only thus defaults to PCIe as I can't think of a logical reason you would want to run it in SATA mode anyway as that would be much slower.

    Plus, there's no such option in the BIOS that I can find (looking at the motherboard manual) to switch between SATA and PCIe.
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    "An M.2 SSD can support only one protocol, but some systems have M.2 sockets that can support either SATA or PCIe."

    Okay, that answers it.

    The device is either M.2 SATA, or M.2 PCIe. Since it is M.2 PCIe it will simply work as intended.

    *Thus the SAMSUNG MAGICIAN should indicate the proper performance (or close) as mentioned above. Again about 3200MBps sustained reads, and 1800MBps sustained writes.
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