HDD is clicking non stop

Hello, this is my first question, i am sorry if i did something wrong.
Two days ago my HDD started to act weird, lower speed, long time to copy/paste. Basically low performance. It all started when i started my PC, only to see that a CHKDSK opperation started aswell, that was the time i noticed that my pc is "sick".

My HDD is WDC WD1600JS-00MHB0 with Firmware 02.01C03

After that, i also noticed some "clicking" sounds, not the Click of Death.
It is 2 consecutive clicks followed by pause
"Click"_"Click"__________"Click"_"Click" and so on. The clicking keeps going on, it only stops when i don't use the PC. I did the "CHKDSK /f /r" and still nothing. I also noticed Cyclic Redundancy Check Data Error.
I am very scared. Kidding, just a bit.
Is there any way to fix it? Do i have to replace it? Am i stupid?
I am waiting for answers.
I will provide further information if needed.
Thank you for your time.
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  1. It's dead. There is no 'fix'. Time to replace.
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    The hard drive is basically dying a quick death. Not surprising since the model is at least 10 years old.

    The best advice I can give is to buy a new hard drive. A 1TB HDD is pretty dirt cheap online and has much greater capacity than your current HDD which is probably 160GB or so. Stop using the HDD immediately because further use will only degrade the HDD which can prevent you from copying over any important information to the new HDD.
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  3. I see, well, i shall buy something else, thank you very much,guys
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