Has anyone tried the following?
Is it possible to make a multi title (3-5) dvd disc, and save it in “compliant” dvd format via img-disc to a Blu-ray Disc?

Premise: I’d like to save 3 full length videos exceeding 70 minutes each to a single disc.
The bare videos are H265 video & AACHE audio
I recognise the files are out of spec and some reencoding is necessary

The files are of out of print/abandoned videos from the 70s. The were manually restored to HD (1080p-60) by hand. Not an easy task.
All files are H265 AACHE mkv 60

Is there a way to burn all compliant videos on a Blu-ray Disc allowing me to put all 3 on a single 50 gig disc with a selection menu? As opposed to making three down scaled dvds or a scaled Blu-ray. I’m trying to find a way around deteriorating the video, and ease of use single disk access at the same time.

All I’m really trying to do is make a disc on a bdre blank than can be tossed into a Blu-ray player and give me a menu to choose among the three videos.
Since these were taken from 16mm film stock and I spent many “moons” restoring them I’d prefer to dodge as much encoding as possible. I recognise I should have asked before I started this but any suggestions and help is mondo mucho mega appreciated!
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  1. I figured it out. Thanks though
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