bios dont detect my hard drive??

Hi Guys, the problem starts when my desktop was making a buzz sound, after i searched about the problem and i knew that it was the hard drive , so i get a new hard drive and new cables and connected it to the computer with the old one and make it as priority no1 so the problem right now the bios detect the new hard drive but not the old while in windows installation it detected both of them is there anyway to detect my old hard drive again in bios because i don't want to lose my windows 10 upgrade also ???
thanks in advance
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  1. your windows 10 is a digital oem code now. all you need to do from a working pc is use the microsoft media creation tool. when windows 10 ask for an oem code click the skip on the bottom of the screen. after it reboots and logs into the internet your oem code will be rentered. on the old drive if it not found in the bios it may have died. you can try the old freeze it see if it spin up one more time trick. you may get it found once more in windows disk management after windows is installed. if it not showing up in the bios and it a sata drive. then the drive may have died. on your mb make sure your on intel and not a 3 party sata port. feel if the old drive is moving. if it an older drive may have to lightly tap it to unstick it.
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    If Windows shows two hard drives, then the BIOS should also so that's rather strange.

    To confirm, when you are in the BIOS boot order section there is no other drive except the new one?

    If so, then what did you mean by "make it as priority" since if there's only the one drive why would you need to do that?

    I would shut down, then UNHOOK the new one to see if the old one still boots up. If not, and if by itself the BIOS no longer sees it perhaps it just died.

    *Have you tried to use CLONING software such as Machrium Reflect Free?
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