Erp s4 + s5 messed up shutdown

I just got a new rig in today.
I7 7700k 4.2ghz
16gb ram g.skills 3200mhz
500gb ssd, 1tb hd
NZXT X62 280mm aio
MSI 1080ti armor
ASUS TUF Z270 mark 1

I just got it in today, so I've been downloading all day and haven't really done much on it. I just got done loading the necessities and I shut the computer down through windows.
But my keyboards,mouse, and the motherboards Led's stayed on. I went back to turn the computer back on by pressing the power button, and nothing would happen. I had to unplug the actual power supply and reconnect to restart my computer, I decided to go in and enable s4 + s5 and everything works just fine. But my led for my motherboard is no longer lighting up, is there a bigger problem behind this? (NOTE) I haven't downloaded a driver for this motherboard yet. Can I get some advice?
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