Is this a good pc build for playing overwatch or CS:GO

Please check this PC build it has a team elite 8GB DDR4 2133MHz memory.
Thanks in advance
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  1. 125 on the keyboard ! rx 560/1050ti will be better, spend less on peripherals and more on GPUs
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  2. It's... okay, an RX 550 probably won't be able to run Overwatch at 1080p at anything approaching a decent FPS without sacrificing quality majorly. It can't hold 50 FPS stably in Doom at the low preset and let me tell you, Doom is NOT that intense at 1080p. A GTX 1050 (or a 1050 Ti, if you can swing it) will absolutely smack an RX 550 for only a little more.

    Regarding CS:GO, you could probably play it fine. It runs on Source which is the furthest thing from intense and is also (amazingly) still DX9.

    As far as the keyboard and mouse... I really don't understand why you're spending that much on a mouse and keyboard when you could go for a cheaper membrane keyboard and a cheaper mouse and move that money into your graphics card.

    Try this:
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  3. You should notbuy that of a expensive gear buy a better cpu
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