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This PC was bought approx 5yrs ago (mbd: "dx79t0", cpu: intel 3820, XMSC DDR3) recently i have been facing an issue with bluescreen error so i visited the repair shop they told me that the I/O of mbd needs to changed to fix the problem but as the motherboard is discontinued Its not possible so i am planning to buy a new one that is compatible with my processor. I have been told by a consultant that the asus x99mws might be a good option as the socket of dx79to(lga2011) and asus x99mws are the same but i may have to buy a new ddr4 ram as it supports only that. Now i am confused that should i buy the asus mbd or not as it is very costly in here and i can not return it once i'm buying. Will it be compatible with intel 3820?(i am ok with buying ddr4 ram as it costs not too much) if you have a better suggestion for me you are very much welcome. Thank you.
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    Sorry but it is not compatable. It uses the 2011-v3 socket which is the newer design for the 5000/6000 series i7's.
    A CPU Support list is available for all motherbds on the manufacturers' website
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