rog maximus VIII hero pcie running at 2x

hello guys I'll start from my system specs and I'll explain after that the issue.
core i5 6600k
rog maximus viii hero
corsair ddr4 2666 16gb
corsair hydro h60
corsair rm850x
corsair g60 dad 120gb
Kingston ssd 128gb
Samsung evo 850 m2 240gb
Toshiba 3tb 7200rpm
wd 1tb caviar green 5400rpm
msi gaming x 1070gtx sli with Nvidia hb bridge
rog 34inch pg348q monitor
Razer Naga epic chroma
Razer black widow ultimate
Razer kraken

so the problem is the card installed on 16x slot pcie is only working at 2x
the 2nd card is ok running at 8x.

Things that I already done:
reassemble the cpu;
clean all the dust from the lanes,board,cards;
change graphic cards 1st to 2nd 2nd to 1st plus 3 different cards nothing changed;
connected new psu
checked all the cables tried different cables....
took of m2 drive
installed 1gpu only..
cleared cmos
updated mb bios gpu bios.. nothing
bios and gpu z even under stress shows 2x on 1st slot.

any clues?
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