SOO many new 3XXX's mobo's ... whats best gamiong to get for new Coffee Lake?? Pls Help

I'm a noob and i have no ideal what to buy so i need your help again ... What is the best gaming mobo for the new Coffee Lake cpu? Below is the build im putting together ... i have everthing but the CPU, Mobo, SSD/HD & Cooler yet to buy.

TY in advance for any info!!
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  1. no MB for coffee lake yet, will be Z370, msi/ASUS are all good.
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  2. vapour said:
    no MB for coffee lake yet, will be Z370, msi/ASUS are all good.

    right i know known have been sold yet but i've seen that there are quite a few dropping w/ every brand dropping 6+ 370 mobos .. me being a noob i am not familiar with any one brand, nor can i decipher the specs ... i know there all gonna be similar .. guess we will soon see once they drop and reviews start rolling out!
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  3. This MSI "godlike" mobo looks like a nice gaming board .. i will be looking for this review once paired with the new cpu .. looks great tho!
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  4. The gigabyte auros boards are well priced and look beautiful. Id give one of those a try, whichever one you can afford.
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