ChkDsk stuck at 16%?

So I've had a problem with my desktop where I was watching Netflix and it crashed to a black screen and the PC was on, so I hard reset the PC and it would boot but the screen would not load windows, it would load bios but windows wouldn't turn on. So I was confused so I ran the PC in safe mode and I decided to do a chkdsk /r for my C: drive. The percentage was rising really quickly but has been stagnant for 5 hours from the time this is posted and I was curious if this is normal. The chkdsk is not the command prompt one, it is the one on the bios page. At what point if at any should I turn off my PC? How long should this take and thank you to anyone/everyone who responds. :)

**EDIT** Forgot to include that I got on Safemode using the recovery system and I did do chkdsk and I got a corrupted file once but it was in "read-only" so it wouldn't fix the corrupted file. Update and it's still at 16% 8 hours later, and I don't know if this matters but it still accepts new USB devices to be added.
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  1. might be a shot hard drive.
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  2. transfer any data off of it while you can, just in case it is failing...(many drives that suffer a head crash will only work a scant limited 5-10 hours afterward)

    Once that's done, a delete partition,quick format/reinstall so you can at least try a fresh start with it just in case it is/was a minor corruption issue only....

    Pull SMART data via GSmartControl....
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  3. It started to work after a safe-mode anti-virus scan and leaving it running a chkdsk overnight
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