PC wont boot. Motherboard getting power

Thanks in advance for the help
I just finished building a pc and i cant get it to turn on, but the rgb on the mobo is on. There was one moment where I hit the power button and the light on it blinked for a second but then immediately went off. No fans have yet to turn on.
Heres what Ive tried:
-shorting the power connector pins on the mobo
-resetting cmos
-disconnecting everything except for CPU, fan connector, and 24 pin power from mobo and shorting power

I dibt know of this means anything but wheb i was trying to plug in CPU power into mobo one of the heatsink thingies on the mobo was slightly blocking it, so it didnt click. I dont think thats the problem however because the CPU fan wont turn on, and neither will any of the other case fans which are all connected directly to a connector from the PSU.

Thanks again
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