What is the best hardware to buy right now?

Hello, ;) I am buying my pc parts on a month to month basis, what would be the best item to buy this month. I heard graphic cards and power supplies are bad to buy because of the mining boom. The only item I have purchase I have made is the case lol. PC budget about $800. I was thinking of getting the motherboard next but I am not sure how long the warranties would last. :bounce:
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  1. Intel 8th-gen releases tomorrow. We'll find out more then. I would shoot for an 8th-gen Core i5. But maybe you want a Ryzen 5 1600. So it depends on which CPU you want.
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  2. It is not a good idea to buy parts on installments of such long duration. By the time you have completed the purchase, if one of the earlier bought parts fails on you, you wont have the return window any longer for RMA. Better you save and buy all the parts at once.
    Besides new hardwares keep launching and prices tend to fluctuate due to that.
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  3. Depending what you have already, it is possible to upgrade in installments. I would keep CPU, motherboard and possibly RAM together for the reasons Hellfire13 points out.
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  4. The retailer usually has a 30-day return window. The manufacturer will have a longer warranty period in which you could RMA through the them; which is usually a longer, slightly more difficult process and if it's been more than 30-days you would likely get a refurbished product in exchange for your malfunctioning "new" product.
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  5. Not all retailers have 30 day return period. Besides, if you fetch it through Amazon, they have a 10 day return Window mostly, depending on your location. Also the OP specified that he is going to buy month on month basis. Buying pc parts that way is simply a bad idea.
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  6. I said usually, and it was to point out the retailer has a smaller window for return than the manufacturer does for the warranty; also that the warranty from the manufacturer will only get you a refurbished unit in exchange if it's been past 30 days.

    I'm not arguing with you. I'm simply pointing out reasons why you are correct when you say it's a bad idea while also pointing out that it is possible to do.
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