Asrock Fatality AB350 Gaming K4 BIOS Issues

I purchased the Asrock Fatality AB350 Gaming K4.....AMD x4 950 cpu.....and Patriot Viper DDR4 3200mhz 4x 4GB sticks.
As of now BIOS 2.5 is currently running. Anything above 2.5 such as 2.6/3.0/and 3.2 take forever to get through post screen with no components working such as USB,Ethernet,etc. It does not go into a boot loop but it will restart again 1x after BIOS is updated then it will slowly get through the post screen which takes about 3-4 minutes then pops the Windows Login screen with no USB/Components no keyboard/mouse/ethernet.
So I had to refer back to BIOS version 2.5 with 4 ram dimm slots occupied which caused the same issue of long post time, no usb, no ethernet,etc. so i removed 2 sticks of ram and it booted just fine. Shutdown....added the other 2 it boots.
ANOTHER issue I am having is......with this RAM....NONE of the bios versions show DRAM Configuration settings. It just says XMP Profile 2.0 blah blah with nothing to click on in the OC Tweaker menu. BIOS memory timings says its running at 1866mhz. Windows says 1067mhz. CPU-Z says 1297.4mhz.
Im only paying attention to what the BIOS is telling me so 1866mhz is far off from 2400mhz that the CPU allows. Yes this AMD x4 950 only allows DDR4 2400mhz.....i purchased 3200mhz knowing it will down clock to which i assumed 2400 but no......definitely not working that way. I'm baffled. Asrock said they would send me a new board if I had a receipt but .... meh!

Asrock technical support guy said I needed bios 3.2 to be able to change dram configuration settings......even when i waited for my keyboard to work through the long post times to hit the DEL key to enter bios(which eventually disables usb,ethernet after exiting post and entering windows loader) lucky to be able to enter the bios with the USB only working a short time during yeah NONE of the bios versions shows a DRAM configuration menu to change settings.
Anybody with these issues?!
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  1. So i decided to clear the CMOS by using the motherboard jumper and resetting. weird thing is when i powered back on with the jumper in reset mode...nothing came on except the computer itself....system fans/case fans/video card was running but nothing else. no monitor,usb, assuming ethernet, and other components. i was hoping to get into the bios to see if it was reset. at this point i assumed it was reset so i powered off the computer...waited 5 seconds then placed jumper back to default position. then i attempted to update the bios to the latest and greatest 3.2. so after 3.2 bios update computer restarted with the same issues of long post times,no usb,etc. so i thought what IF......the UEFI was reset. so what i did was reset the UEFI back to default. VIOLA! it worked. now running bios 3.2 successfully with x4 950.
    so another issue im curious of is why i still can NOT get any dram configuration settings with the newest bios. i also noticed under OC Tweaker menu in bios that there is ZERO options for CPU settings as well. so im assuming because i have a amd x4 950 that there will be no dram/cpu options for tweaking i guess due to AM4 compatibility issues?!
    I guess i shall find out when i purchase a ryzen 5 1600 in about 4 weeks......GG
  2. oh and uh 2 occupied dimm slots on this motherboard put my ram at 2133mhz. 4 occupied dimm slots downclocked it to 1866mhz. RAM is DDR4 3200mhz Patriot Viper 4x 4GB
  3. stefonical said:
    oh and uh 2 occupied dimm slots on this motherboard put my ram at 2133mhz. 4 occupied dimm slots downclocked it to 1866mhz. RAM is DDR4 3200mhz Patriot Viper 4x 4GB

    depending on type of ram (single rank/or dual rank modules) , and number of sticks installed (1-4) this works as intended as you can read in user manual page 22. the only way to get max freq is using only modules in slot A2 and B2 ( 2 sticks of ram ).
    Anyway i think is not supported by motherboard freq. over 2667 mhz
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