Gigabyte G1.Sniper M5 Dead


So my desktop decided to die last night and I've to trying to diagnose the issue. Can you guys give me your opinions on my issue.

Intel 4670K @3.2ghz
DDR3 2x 4gb
Gigabyte G1.Sniper M5
Corsair H100i
Corsair CX600

I haven't noticed any issues running up to this failure. Everything has been running fine. Also, as you've probably gathered, my build is a good 3 years old, nothing is new.

The first sign was yesterday when I attempted to boot up. All lights turned on plus the fans began to spin for half a second before shutting down. It did this a few times.
Now I get absolutely nothing, no power, no posting, no fans. The only sign of life is the power button on the Mobo lights up, but does nothing when pressed.

I've taken the whole thing apart and reseated everything one by one and still nothing, no sign of life. Wah.

What does this tell you guys? The fact the MOBO lights up is confusing, but the debug module doesn't work plus i get no beeps.

Could it be the PSU?

At this point I'm finding it very hard to diagnose the issue.

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