Motherboard not feeding power to gpu

Hi all.

Installed a New motherboard and cpu last night. (Asus prime z270p) and a an i5 7500 opon hooking it up and booting up i wasn't able to get any power to my gpu. (Gtx 1060) the fans spun once and then stopped.

I also wasnt able to get either moniter to connnect via the onboard graphics.

Is the motherboard faulty or have i made a mistake somewhere?
Thanks in advance
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  1. With a video card installed you hook the monitors up to the video card not the board, you must also use the 6 pin power connector from the power supply to the video card.
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  2. Hi sorry, i explained that bad. As the viedo card wasnt working i took it out and tried the on board graphics.
    And the gpu is hooked up to the psu via 6 pin
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