Overclocking an I7-6800K + 1080 Ti

Hello there!

I have just bought a new PC and it came with a 6800k liquid cooling and a GTX 1080 Ti (FE)
PSU is an 850W
In order to overclock it perfectly, I wanted to ask the experts, you guys. Any thoughts on how to overclock my CPU and GPU to the best it can?

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    I would recommend reading the overclocking stickies in the forum on the topics and Google for overclocking of your hardware.

    That's about it - by doing this, you'll learn all that is needed in order to make BIOS changes for CPU overclocking.
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  2. Im sure the guides will go over it all, rule of thumb, keep temps below 80C on Broadwell-E.
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  3. There is a LOT of information on the web about overclocking, even down to specific generations and iterations of CPUs and GPUs.
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