New graphics card won't show display signal

I've just purchased a radeon r7 250 from ebay. The fan turns on for a couple of second on startup so I know it works. The port is dvi-i and my monitor is vga so I had to buy an adapter. My computer is a hp compaq 6005 pro with an ati radeon hd 4200 display adapter. For whatever reason my computer can't read my graphics card. I've tried installing the driver, uninstalling the onboard one, starting up the computer with the cables connected and even going to my computers bios settings and turning on the pci vga palette snooper. Someone please help me use my help me use my graphics card.
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  1. Few things here, your PSU may not be good enough to run the video card, the video card could be bad, your adapter could be bad.
    Do you have the 240 watt or 320 watt power supply?

    Just because the fans go on does not mean the card works, just that the fans are getting power.
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  2. I have the 240 watt and the adapter and video card are both new.
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  3. mahouking said:
    I have the 240 watt and the adapter and video card are both new.

    Test the card in another system with a better power supply and without any adapters if you can.
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  4. I ended up fixing it by looking at other threads. The problem was with my drivers apparently. All I had to do was to disable driver updates by using this link : Thank you to everyone who tried to help me.
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