will this chinese motherboard support my i7 3960x?

so yes i have 1 question :) will this "chinese" motherboard support my i7 3960x?

Motherboard: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Intel-X79-Motherboard-LGA-2011-mATX-DDR3-or-ECC-REG-USB-3-0-WiFi-OC-/132224979596?epid=9002997465&hash=item1ec939128c:g:qN8AAOSwl1hZdlF0

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  1. Actually, it says it's from the United States, so technically, you're being racist wrong.
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  2. I think it supports your CPU, since the Ebay page clearly says "supports i7-3960X".

    Would I buy a generic mobo (with Molex) on Ebay from somebody who isn't even registered as a commercial seller, yet promises 30-day returns "for any reason, without restocking fee"?
    Ummm, nope, no thanks.
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  3. Looks odd. I don't remember there being that many 2011 mATX boards to begin with, and even the cheapest ones had 8 ram slots, not 4, quad channel ram being one of the bonuses to those mobo's. I'd be yelling 'BS' if it wasn't for the fact it's a 5yr old account with over 660 sales. Most scammers don't have accounts that old.
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