Choosing cooler for Radeon hd 7950 (Scrapyard style)

Good day!
Few weeks ago my brother bought new graphics card and gave me his MSI Radeon HD7950.
It's good card and even without overclock it handles modern titles on mid-high settings. The only problem is cooling - it's terrible, 90C and fans at 90%.
Right now i'm choosing from several cheap GPUs but I'm not sure that cooler will fit. Main goal is to have 3 fans for silent work, or really good 2 fan cooler.
Here is what i found:
1) Dead GIgabyte radeon 6870 windforce (13$) - 3 fans but not sure about fitting;
2) Dead Gigabyte Radeon 7870 (29.5$) - 3 fans but again ... will it fit;
3) Arctic Cooling Accelero twinturbo Rev.1 (18.5$) - 2 fans and it will fit.
Any suggestions ?
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  1. Well, the PCB layout is different vs the 6870 and the 7870. You're best bet would be the Arctic Cooling unit. I couldn't tell you if it will be quiet though.

    You can try this cooler from Zalman vf3000 if you can find one. I had it on a HD5850 and temps were only 70C at 40% fan speed, couldn't even hear the thing, Tho you could start to hear something at 100% fan speed, but it was definitely tolerable. Only downfall is it takes 3 slots after installation.
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