Ssd headache 4 in raid 0 1 fails now what

Had a raid array with 4 ssd ocz agility 3 in raid 0. Now ones failed. Each one is 120gb. Not sure what to do. I use pc for games. Not sure just get a equivalent 120gb make from another manufacturer and have raid 0 again. But dont want failure again at least 4 a while. Or weather to have 2 in raid 1 and buy a large one for everything else. Or weather to have seperate 120gb ones. Any advise want speed and reliable. As my system rebuild takes ages.
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  1. Seriously, you used 4 SSD RAID0 for playing games and didn't make a FULL BACKUP ????
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  2. There's no real benefit for Sata ssd in raid at all in a pc. Nas yes, pc no.
    Best bet is a simple setup, 1 good sized ssd, like a Samsung 850 evo/960 evo at 250-500Gb and a decent hdd for BACKUP and mass storage like a 2Tb Seagate.
    You could opt for the fast 960pfo NVMe drive, but there's little to no advantage to gaming, as info is only moved on demand, not at what the ssd is capable of.
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  3. 1. 4 drives + RAID 0 = any of the 5 components die, all data is lost.
    (4 x drives + RAID controller)

    2. There is zero performance benefit with SSD's in RAID 0.,3485.html

    RAID 1? There are better, easier, safer ways to protect your data.

    Just run them as individual drives, or get one larger one.
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