Ryzen 5 on MSI B350 PC MATE with OC RAM not posting frustration

BIOS is the newest and the kit (RipjawsV F4-3200C16D-16GVKB) is supposed to be supported (different color in the list).

There's 2 XMP profiles, 3066 and 3200MHz and neither works. PC turns on, turns off, turns on, turns off and so on until I cut the power with the PSU switch so that the BIOS resets itself. Currently running at a measly 2133MHz. WTF?!
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  1. I'm sorry I don't understand.
  2. use the cpu-z spd tab for the fastest speed on ram jedec have and the check in uefi if you could put them manualy you should be able to get 3200 . it might take a few start for system to boot .
  3. I didn't know that behavior was to be expected so I selected the 3200MHz profile again and indeed the PC booted after a couple tries but in CPU-Z it still shows 1066MHz frequency so 2133MHz. That means I have to enter the timings manually?
  4. compare the speed from memory tab in cpu-z with timings and does your bios read as axmp is on try 1 or 2 for the same timings .
  5. If you could write proper sentences that would help immensely. English is not my first language and I've never adjusted RAM timings in BIOS. I've rebooted and in BIOS it says that XMP Profile 2 is enabled. It took a few tries again to boot. Again it shows 1066MHz in CPU-Z.

    If I got you right you want me to compare the timings from the Memory and SPD tabs in CPU-Z and if they are not the same adjust them in the BIOS to be the same as in the SPD tab under 3200MHz. They are not (15/15/15/36/51 vs 16/18/18/38/56 in the SPD tab).

    I will adjust them now.
  6. enable the axmp 1 and also active the gaming button berofe axmp one then read back settings for the other check under memory tab in cpu-z to see the speed they run should be similar to uefi . what is your first language .
  7. I'm out dude.

    Edit: I'm just frustrated by the lack of memory support months in since Ryzen release. This is sad. The internet is full of people who bought high performance memory only to not be able to use XMP profiles.
  8. Dude, xmp profiles do not promise to work. Every MB/RAM is different. Set all the ram setting to be same on the ram, disable xmp and try again!
    If you are lazy, just pick a vram frequency and set all other ram setting to be auto. At least, you can run 2800
  9. Dude! I have never messed with RAM before beyond setting the XMP profile! So I manually set the timings to the specified 16-18-18-38 only the tRCD was split up between tRCDRD and tRCDWD in the MSI BIOS. Read delay and write delay. I set 18 for both, I hope that's correct. I left the voltage at auto. 2800MHz works, 2933MHz won't boot.

    Was that correct? Will I maybe get 3GHz if I increase the voltage?
  10. Can you screen shot your BIOS vram setting part? I will take a look :)
  11. Well I just manually set the timings to 16-18-18-18-38. It will do 2800MHz but not 2933MHz. Will not boot. It takes a couple tries before can get back into BIOS. But like you said 2800MHz works.
  12. Try 16-16-18-18-38, 1.35v with 3000 again?
  13. Nope and neither does 2933MHz.
  14. try 3200 then.
  15. Also is your BIOS up to date?
  16. Yes it's up to date. And no, nothing except 2800MHz (with voltage on "auto") works.
  17. I guess stick to 2800 first. Try again some other time :)
  18. Have to make a correction. Didn't work after a reboot. Now I have 2667MHz at 1.35V and it seems fine across a couple reboots.

    What I've also found out though is that my 1600X is Prime95 stable with 3.9GHz with voltage on auto.

    Are they still working on BIOS updates? Do you think 3200MHz will be possible in the future?

    How do you have the same RAM running at full speed?
  19. It could be, they should continue releasing BIOS updates. You may also contact MSI customer service, they may help you trouble shoot or replace for you :) It also could be lemon RAM...
  20. Replace the mobo you mean? Bad RAM?
  21. h3r3t1k said:
    Replace the mobo you mean? Bad RAM?

    Ask MSI to trouble shooting for you since they claim 3200 is achievable with this ram. If they conclude board is defective, replace, if same issue, replace RAM, tell them it is defective.
  22. Hey there. I got it stable at 2800MHz when I stopped messing with it. I don't own the system anymore. Not related to that issue. Good luck!
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