Random black screen-- sound still on for a bit, also GPU watercooled with odd temps.

Hey everyone, I have recently built my new rig-- here's the specs:

i7 7700k
ASUS Prime Z270-A
16 GB G. Skill V-Series Ram @ 3200
XFX R9 390X w/ Corsair H55 & NZXT G12 AIO Mount
Thermaltake 600w PSU

I have been getting random black screens with the audio still running in the background. It has been completely inconsistent-- sometimes it happens when the gpu is on full load-- sometimes it happens when it is not.

Using Memtest last night, I had over 11,000 errors. This morning before going to work I tested each module, one passed up to test 4 or 5 with 0 errors and the other had almost 200 errors within 5-10 minutes of running. I was not able to run any more test because I had to head out. I will most likely run the PC later today with one stick to see how that goes.

Is it possible that this occurred because of lack of power? Maybe my case got too hot? The r9 runs extremely hot so prior to getting liquid cooling it got up to 86-90 at one point. Not the hottest it gets is 78 with the liquid cooling.. kind of odd as I expected it to be a little lower than that. Back to the point, is this occurring strictly because of the ram or can power be the issue? I want to know for sure because I have plans to pick up a new PSU after work.
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