How do I use an ssd and hd together effectively

In my first build I'm planning on having an ssd and a hardrive but since my ssd will only have 128 GB of storage I'm not sure how to use the ssd and hd together effectively. ( I'm using this pc mostly for gaming so I will be downloading lots of games from steam)
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  1. This is easy. When you load your OS, you select the SSD drive to load the OS. Windows will give you the drive options. You want to load the operating system with the SSD. You want to load the software that you use the most on your SSD. This will speed up their load times. With a 128gb SSD, I would not even worry about putting any games on it. You will only be able to put 1 on there anyway. So just dump all your games on your HDD. It will be assigned another drive letter like "E". I would load steam, origin, or uplay, on your SSD, or "C" drive. And put your games on "E" drive.

    One thing to remember, don't fill your SSD past 80% capacity as it will shorten it's lifespan past 80%.
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  2. with a 128GB SSD it will be difficult to do because you will probably have to do some memory management to it often because windows will take up almost all the space on the SSD robbing it of it performance benefits. the most effective way would be to get a 240/250GB SSD and use that for the OS and programs. everything else for the HDD
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  3. I disagree with Captaincharisma. I've used a 120gb Intel 330 series for over 5 years with a FX8320. I've had steam, origin, uplay and emulators of all types installed. I never once in 5+ years did any type of memory management. EVER. I have a 128gb NVME installed in this new Ryzen build, and with windows, backup software, utorrent, teamviewer and all drivers installed I still have 76.8gb free. The secondary 1tb harddrive has my steam games and such on it. Install your secondary drive, make a folder on it named "Games", or "Steam" or whatever and when you install a game just point the game to that folder instead of installing to your ssd. It's that simple.
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  4. Install the HDD after you have installed the SD drive and OS. If Window sees the HDD during the install it will install part of the OS on it. This will create headaches later if you change out the HDD or it fails.
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