E0 boot code after seating cpu

Hey everyone, I am having a serious issue. My PC was working fine before I left for work and when I. Are back 8 hours later there is an E0 post code and nothing shows up on screen. Thinking it's just an error I restart and now that's all I get.

MB- Z87 GD65
Mem- 12MB corsair vengeance
Corsair water cooler
MSI 1060 gtx vid card
Power- Thermaltake tough power 750w
Ssd- toshiba 128gb

I basically tried unplugging everything from the MB including the CPU and booted with a 00 post code. I put in ram and still 00. Reset cmos and everything. Now when I reseat the CPU is when the E0 code pops up. I have the cooling system plugged in on CPU-fan1 and CPU fan 2 as well which says it is correct on the manual. Not sure what the issue is. Any help would be nice. Just weird that it's worked for so long and all of a sudden just stopped.
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  1. What does your MB manual tells about that error code?
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  2. I just looked at the entire list and non of it says E0. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/680495/Msi-Z87-Gd65-Gaming.html?page=52#manual
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  3. Is it possible you are reading it backwards, so the E0 is actually 03?
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  4. I'm reading from left to right post 1 reads E and post 2 reads 0
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  5. I've tried look all over and different people solved this using different solutions but none of those are working for me. Tried the ram slot idea...nope....made sure everything was plugged in right and double checked...nope. Made sure thermal paste and all that was good. Made sure the fans were plugged in right.

    I mean I dunno how to tell if my CPU burned up or something while I was gone? Or if the MB is bad. I live fairly far away from the nearest computer supply store so driving over there takes around an hour and a half. I'd like to know for sure before I go.
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