Wanting to know if board needs update before installing a gen 3 i5

Basically title of this.
Wanting to use ASUS P8Z77-V LX motherboard but looked up that it does support gen 3 but at the time of board's release Gen 3 lga 1155 cpus werent even out yet. so wondering if update of drivers is needed before installing a gen 3 cpu like i5 3rd gen
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  1. https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/P8Z77V_LX/HelpDesk_CPU/
    Depend on your bios version, might need bios update
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  2. if they listed that it'll support 3rd gen, their BIOS should be ready to support it (if not, they'll at least mention it)
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  3. ight thanks. also you know if this would support windows 10?
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  4. miceraces said:
    ight thanks. also you know if this would support windows 10?

    even my 2nd/3rd gen intel Jetway mobo supports it, u should be fine with it :)
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  5. Generally you'll need a BIOS update to use CPUs which weren't released at the time your current BIOS was made.

    You need a working CPU to do a BIOS update. So if you install the new CPU and find the motherboard doesn't work with it without the BIOS update, you'll have to reinstall the old CPU before you can do the update. So unless there's something in the BIOS update that you specifically don't want, it's usually best to update to the newest BIOS anyway before you upgrade the CPU, just in case.
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