MSI Z87-G55 Sound Dead

I am running Win 10 Home x64 Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.0) on a MSI Z87-G55 MOBO. Last week all was fine then, the sound died. I had upgraded to a new version of Acronis but doubt that had anything to do with this.

I have tried all I can but still cannot get the sound to work. At the basic level if I run Msinfo32 there is no information in the sound component area.

I have downloaded and installed the Realtek HD audio drivers from the MSI site but nothing changes.

What I need is some troubleshooting direction. Thanks.
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  1. Have you recently restored your pc using Acronis?
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  2. No, I have never had the need.

    I did manage to get the Realtek driver installed and can see it in Device Manager but the proprieties say:
    This device cannot start. (Code 10)
    The request is not supported.
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