How much memory does video output (display) take in a dedicated graphic card ??

Just few questions (doubts) from a novice to the experts out there......
a) How much memory does video output (display) take up in a dedicated graphic card likw 4GB gtx 980 (in the absence of integrated graphics for the processor like Intel core i7 870) ??
b) And does the rendering performance of the graphic card diminish if it is used simultaneously for 3D rendering and also video output ??
c) Does the Nvidia graphic card use cuda cores for video output ??

Thanks in advance.
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  1. a) Depends on what is being displayed. Windows 10 takes around 300mb of vram I believe
    b) no, 2d output for windows or whatever uses negligible amount of performance.
    c) not in a way to significantly affect performance.
  2. Is it better to use a cpu with integrated graphics such as core i7 2600/4770 as a primary display and use the graphics card entirely dedicated to 3D rendering, so that the performance of graphics card won't be compromised even a little bit by the distribution of graphics memory.....???

    PS: Basically i'm trying to build a budget 3D animation and rendering rig. I use Blender. (Already bought ASUS geforce gtx 980)
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    Can do if you wish, just enable igpu multi monitor in the bios and connect the display to the motherboard and both GPUs should be available in the OS.
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