Random Mouse & Screen Freeze - Asus Prime B350 Plus - Ryzen 5 1600


It's been almost two weeks since i bought some new parts and I've been having multiple stability problems since then.
First things first. The new products are 1)Cpu Ryzen 5 1600 , 2) Asus Prime B350 Plus , 3) Corsair Vengeance LPX (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15) , 4) Gigabyte GTX 1060 6Gb G1 Gaming rev.2

Before i proceed i wanna let you know that i will mention all the abnormalities i experienced, and that i am aware that most of them are Motherboard-related, but i wanna give you a full image of the problem.

A# Booting up
By the first time i booted up, using the new parts and entered the bios for the adjustments, and i noticed a mouse movement freeze of ~0.2-0.3 seconds every 3 seconds. Of course bios does not always react so smooth with mouse and graphical environment so i did not pay any more attention to it

B# Changes made to Bios : 1)Flashed Bios to Version 0808 , 2) Ai Overclocker tuner set to D.O.C.P , 3)Memory frequency set to 2933 using MoBo's default profiles for CAS latency (15-17-17-35) and volts (which were set to 3.5)

Moving on to Windows installation....

After numerous problems with peripherals and driver-relative problems that i troubleshooted myself i finally got everything working smoothly and no errors/warning in Windows event log.

After using the PC for a few days i notice the following:
Mouse/Keyboard become inoperable and Screen freezes for ~0.2-0.3 seconds every ~2 seconds. The duration of the problem varies from 3 seconds to sometimes up to half minute, and so does the frequency of it which means it may happen twice a day or 5. Though i cannot relate it to a peripheral product's usage nor to a specific program/software. It's completely random...

C# Setting ALL Bios setting to defaults , Run Memtest86 and NO issues found

The mouse/screen freeze problem still consists. On top of that i notice that CPU Core voltage is sitting at 1.4(and sometimes was jumping up to 1.44) while PC is IDLE.
Weirdest Part is CPU Voltage was dropping to 1.28-1.3 during CPU stress tests!

D# Changes made to Bios: 1)Flashed bios to ver 0902, 2)Memory Frequency set to 2933, 3) CPU Core Ration set to 34, 4)VDDCR CPU Voltage set to Offset , VDDCR CPU Offset Voltage set to 0.035
*The above setup gives me a total CPU Vcore value of ~1.3V

Now every time i boot i get the following error in Windows event log : "kernel-processor-power event id 35" and it generates 12(one for every Processor/Thread). I installed AMD chipset drivers but it did not help with that issue

PrtSc Link

Apart the "kernel" logs i run a few rendering and CPU/Ram/VGA stress tests and of course it's stable with those voltages/Clocks but .... the "freeze problem" is still there

I know that most of the above problems has to do with motherboard but in every online video i have checked i see that, when BIOS settings are set to auto, the CPU asks for 1.23-1.28 V. Mine not only sits at 1.4 constantly(when set to auto) but some time it jumps to ~1.44 which i suppose is way more high than safe Voltage values.

Do you think it's a compatibility issue between CPU/MoBo or MoBo/Ram? Maybe CPU acts a bit weird with the Voltages? Any thoughts on how to fix it?
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